Kelvin Benjamin – Cheap NFL Jerseys China

Carolina Panthers wide receiver Kelvin – Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin) in the third week of the game was only once the ball, but failed to catch the ball successfully, which for the team number one wide receiver it is not imagination.
Team quarterback Cam – Newton (Cam Newton) US time on Wednesday said: “This will never happen, can not happen again, he is so good players, our wide receiver are excellent, so the coach asked They do all, we just need to look back to the original rhythm. ”
In the third week against Minnesota Vikings before Benjamin finished 13 times to push 199 yards and 3 touchdowns, but the Vikings in front of tough defensive he did not have any way.
Last year’s NFL Panthers obviously needed to make some adjustments, so the fourth week against the Atlanta Falcons will be a crucial game.

Rob Ninkovich Jersey – Cheap Jerseys From China

For Rob – Ninkovic (Rob Ninkovich), he ushered in the new season, a bad start.
Ninkovic Friday admitted that he failed a drugs test in four games after facing suspensions.
Ninkovic expressed regret for the suspension, the defensive end / outside linebacker until the fifth week against the Cleveland Browns the game to return to the game.
Even without being banned in the early season, the Patriots also could not expect Ninkovic contribute. In the last month of his training three muscle tear and is thought to return until October.
As a comprehensive defensive player, Ninkovic Patriots last season, playing time is up to seven people in front, he made 6.5 sacks and a maximum of seven career destruction pass. He is the NFL defensive end in successive appearances third player (102 games).
But the appearances to end, Ninkovic’m not happy.