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Golden State Warriors this summer in their position on the front complements Kevin – Durant, and their squad in the new season will also become consequent unprecedented power, it is clear that for the Western Warriors Zhu Qiang will be in their new season’s most want to beat an opponent, the Houston Rockets take their last two seasons in the playoffs were defeated warrior’s hand, presumably overwhelmed by Harden’s team set is mustering the strength to want to Warriors in the new season looking for revenge, recently Rockets star Corey – Brewer in an interview, they do not care what becomes is how strong warriors, they just want to strive to win every game.

“For me personally, I really do not care, they (the Warriors) also to play to play the game. This year’s competition is the west becomes more intense, and it will also be Warriors are a great team, needless to say Spurs they have been very good, but I think we have increased the number of puzzles, like I said, we recruited Eric – Gordon and Ryan – Anderson, and coach Mike D’Antoni came, James (Ha Gordon) in the summer to maintain an excellent state, I’ve seen him. I think we will be able to become very competitive, but this year the competition situation in the west really intense, but it was no different as usual. ”

Brewer last season, the Rockets played a total of 82 times, the presence of both 20.4 minutes of playing time, he can contribute 7.2 points, 2.4 rebounds and 1.3 assists for the team.

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Even the most ardent Miami Dolphins fans will not be able to team since 1987, all of the stadium name down.
Dolphins again recently replaced with a new name, Hard Rock Hard Rock Stadium. This is the team to replace the name of the first eight home, after are: Dolphin Dolphin Stadium, Joe – Robbie Stadium, Dolphin Stadium, Dolphins, professional players parks, professional players stadium, land shark Landshark Stadium, Sun Life Sun Life Stadium.
The Hard Rock stadium is expected to continue for some time, it was said:. “When your child enters kindergarten to high school graduation this course is also the name of Hard Rock”
This is good news for Dolphins fans, do not always have to remember the name of the new stadium.

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Ryan Braun wasn’t going to let the Brewers get swept today, and he made sure of that in one of his strongest games of the season.

It only took three Brewers batters to get a lead today. Following walks by Keon Broxton and Orlando Arcia (along with a double steal), Braun hit an RBI double to give the Brewers a 2-0 lead. Braun would then score after Chris Carter singled and Manny Pina walked to load the bases, then Jake Elmore took one for the team as he was hit by a pitch, bringing in Braun. Wily Peralta lined out to end the inning as the Brewers batted around in the first inning.
“Braun” was, coincidentally, the family name of Sandy Koufax, until his mother remarried and he took his stepfather’s name. “There’s no [family] connection that I know of”, Braun said, “but it’s kind of cool.”[230] In another coincidence, Braun lived for a time with his maternal grandfather in a house that previously belonged to Jewish Hall of Fame first baseman Hank Greenberg.[228] Braun’s grandfather has lived in the house for over 40 years.[8]

In December 2007, Braun was the only Jewish athlete invited by President George W. Bush to the annual Hanukkah Dinner at the White House, where he talked baseball with the President.[70][242] Braun was later featured in the 2008 Hank Greenberg 75th Anniversary edition of Jewish Major Leaguers Baseball Cards, published in affiliation with Fleer Trading Cards and the American Jewish Historical Society, commemorating the Jewish Major Leaguers from 1871 through 2008.[240] Braun was one of three Jewish players in the 2008 All-Star Game and one of three Jewish players on the Team USA 2009 World Baseball Classic team.[243][244] He and Feldman were voted the 2009 co-Jewish MVP by Jewish Major Leaguers, and he was voted the 2010 Jewish MVP as Breslow received the Most Valuable Jewish Pitcher honors.[245][246] “There aren’t too many Jewish athletes at the highest level”, said Braun. “It’s something that I certainly embrace.”[247][248]

Braun was inducted into the Southern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in January 2010.[249][250]

The Jewish Daily Forward listed him as number five in the 2011 “Forward 50″, its list of the 50 most significant American Jews.[251]

In 2011, Braun became the fourth self-identifying Jewish player, and the first in nearly a half-century, to win the Most Valuable Player Award, after Greenberg (1935 and 1940), Rosen (1953), and Koufax (1963). In April 2012, Shalom Life ranked him Number 5 on its list of “the 50 most talented, intelligent, funny, and gorgeous Jewish men in the world.”[252]

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New England Patriots wide receiver Julian – Edelman (Julian Edelman) in the United States on Wednesday return to training on Tuesday because of a foot injury after he left the training ground.
Tuesday Edelman left alone to accept the court’s examination trainer, then what is the situation did not appear serious.
Day really scared Patriots fans not light, because when his injured foot is just completed surgery left foot.
Currently Patriots preseason has lost an important player, and they can not afford to lose Edelman, in particular – Tom Brady (Tom Brady) is unable to attend the first four games.